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Moved to its present location in 2017 is the Cheepie Railway Station that is just behind the Visitor Information Centre in Brolga Street.

Wander through the station and relive the early days of the Outback.

The town of Cheepie is 80kms east of Quilpie, down a track from the main Charleville Road and it sits quietly now, home only to a small receiving post office. The railway opened in July, 1914 and the post office opened at the railway station a month later.

The railway was the main focus of the township for many years and the complex included a station master’s house – 2nd class and devoid of ornamentation, which was eventually relocated to Charleville.

A goods shed, sheep yards, trucking yards and a 30,000 gallon tank completed the complex. Many of the railway workers’ cottages were removed to Quilpie when the rail went through to the town and the population in Cheepie declined. A further blow to the prospects of the town occurred when the pub burnt down in the 1980s, a temporary bar replaced the pub for some time, although, plans to rebuild never eventuated.