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Heritage, Indigenous and Fossicking Trail

Outback Queensland is far from being an empty silent place. When exploring this land of life and colour you will be rewarded with many memorable experiences. Discovering the places that tell the story of our country’s past helps to remember where we came from and where we belong – Who were our First Peoples? Why did early settlers explore and live in this inhospitable region?

Through conservation, recognition and promotion of the cultural identity of all Australians, we can contribute to a greater understanding and acceptance of our diversity.

 Stories of the Land

Today’s landscapes contain fragile reminders of the people who once lived and travelled across the wide open plains – from scattered artefacts, early quarries and midden sites indicating the pathways of Aboriginal communities, to abandoned stations and building remains left by early explorers.

By recognising our heritage—our past, our significant places and the source of our values—we can better understand our special place in the world.

Much of the following information is adapted from Lure of the Land – A Brief History of Quilpie Shire by Lesley Jenkins January 2001.

Another author, Dame Mary Durack, who wrote the “Kings in Grass Castles”, was the granddaughter of Patsy Durak, one of the original settlers of south west Queensland. The story of her family’s history, beginning with the mid-19th century migration from Ireland, is presented by Durack in Kings in Grass Castles, and its sequel, Sons in the Saddle