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Travelling to Quilpie Shire is almost as easy as going from Brisbane to Sydney. You can drive on sealed roads with regular stops for petrol and supplies. You can fly out on the twice-weekly plane from Brisbane and arrive in just over three hours or take the Westlander train to Charleville and then the connecting coach to Quilpie.

Drive to Quilpie Shire

Quilpie is a 210km drive from Charleville along the Diamantina Development Road. This is a sealed road.

Travelling North to Quilpie from Cunnamulla is a 294km drive on a sealed road and North from Thargomindah to Quilpie is 187km. This road has 35km of unsealed road closer to Thargomindah.

Heading South to Quilpie from Windorah is a 246km drive on a sealed road.

Making Quilpie your base, travelling to the smaller towns with in the Shire is easy. Toompine is 74km South on a sealed road, Eromanga is 108km West on a sealed road, Adavale is 96km North on an unsealed road and Cheepie is 74km East on a sealed road.

Be aware that you do need to take precautions when driving on outback roads:

  • Not all roads are dual carriage so be aware of oncoming traffic. If a truck is coming towards you please pull entirely off the road.
  • When passing on outback roads please ensure you slow down to reduce the risk of stone damage to windscreens.
  • Please be aware of wildlife along these roads especially at sunrise and sunset.

Keep these in mind when travelling on outback roads to ensure your safe arrival in the Quilpie Shire.


Fly to Quilpie

Rex Airlines (Brisbane – Charleville – Quilpie)

Qantas Link (Brisbane – Charleville or to Longreach) – Hire car facilities in Charleville and Longreach


Rail Brisbane to Quilpie (Bus link from Charleville to Quilpie)  



For information on mobile coverage in the Quilpie Shire visit and search the area you wish to visit or contact Telstra directly.


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