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Adavale Outback Pub and Store

Shepherd Street, Adavale QLD 4474



Phone: 07 4656 4656


“The Best Bush Pub” in 2012 Queensland Hotels’ Association

 Bed & Breakfast available with advanced notice


Tours (4×4 tag along):

Sheep Property   (shearing demo & morning tea) 3hr

Outback Discovery   (geographical features, historic homesteads, creek crossings, gorge) 5 hr

Artifact Discovery  2 hr.


Beverages:   Espresso coffee, Tea, beers in cans and stubbies, mixed spirits, good range of soft drinks, milk & milk drinks.

Hot Food:  ‘Outback’ or ‘Quilpie’ Pies or Bacon & Cheese burgers served with lettuce & tomato or veggies, sausage rolls, Sausages or bacon and eggs. Home style meals by prior arrangement.

Snack Food:  Peanuts, mixed nuts, biscuits (sweet & savory), chocolates, sweets, potato chips.

 Small range of toiletries and groceries



A laid-back, shanty town (pop. around 20) is situated in the centre of the Shire. Administration Centre of the Adavale Shire since 1870, the town still boasts its original Shire Hall which is now used by the community for dances, film nights and other events. When the Government built the railway in the direction of Quilpie instead of Adavale, it lost the position of Shire Centre and commenced a gradual decline. Some of its buildings and businesses were moved to Quilpie and may still be seen there today.

Cattle and wool was the main industry and developed from the work of early pioneers and squatters of who John Costello was the first. The name Costello is still somewhat synonymous with the town and some descendents still reside in town. It may be said that Adavale is one of those parts of Australia upon which the country’s economy grew.

In its hey-day (1911) the town boasted 5 hotels, 2 general stores, insurance broker, butcher, chemist, petrol supply, school and hospital.

This is authentic outback! Dirt roads, a bit of dust, flood plains and escarpments, fauna & flora as well as cows, horses & wildlife on the common. If you want the outback as it is lived without tourism glitz, this is the place!

Annual town events include Adavale Rodeo & Gymkhana (first weekend in May), Gymkhana (September) and Bi-annual “Back to Adavale” (first weekend in May).

 Free camping at the Community Hall (1890 – Adavale Shire Hall) with hot showers and toilets, great bush camping spots on waterholes. Information is available at the Pub & Store.


Photographer Stephanie Jackson sums the town up perfectly:

 There are no luxurious mansions in the tiny Western Queensland town of Adavale, population 20, which lies to the north of Quilpie. It’s a remote and quiet corner of the Australian Outback and while some structures are in a state of decay, and the houses are far from lavish buildings, local residents give travellers a traditionally warm and hospitable Outback welcome.

Adavale Community Hall

Adavale Community Hall