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The Eromanga Natural History Museum is a definite “must-visit” on your trip to the Outback.

Eromanga Natural History Museum is Australia’s newest dinosaur museum, which opened in March 2016. It is located 3km South of Eromanga on Mount Margaret Road, approximately 100km from Quilpie. The museum dedicates itself to celebrating the evolution, history and amazing diversity of the prehistoric and present day life of the outback.

The Eromanga Natural History Museum is discovering new Australian dinosaurs in an area of Australia where they have previously never been found. These exciting new dinosaurs are some of the world’s largest dinosaurs. The Museum’s internationally significant fossil discoveries are represented by the tiniest grains of 95-million-year-old pollen spores, to the mightiest dinosaur, “Cooper” Australia’s largest dinosaur, to the world’s largest marsupials, massive 80,000-year-old Diprotodons that carried 70kg joeys in their pouches.

Eromanga Natural History Museum has also recently introduced a new self-rated 4-star accommodation, Cooper’s Country Lodge. Which is situated within the parameters of the museum reserve and offers a great experience to stay onsite with the dinosaurs.

The Museum offers a range of guided tours and even offers experiences which include prepping dinosaur and megafauna bones – For more information on the tours and experiences

You can also Contact the Eromanga Natural History Museum on 4656 3084 or via

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