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A stroll along the Bulloo River Walk is a tranquil way to appreciate the native flora and fauna of the Bulloo River Catchment.

The Bulloo is a major river system and is the only river in the region not part of either the Murray–Darling basin or the Lake Eyre basin; instead it flows into several ephemeral lakes, which are blocked by low hills from reaching the Lake Frome, the Paroo River or the Lake Bancannia systems.

It is believed that in past wet periods the Bulloo has had connections to Lake Frome, because its fish fauna resembles that of the Lake Eyre basin rather than that of the Murray–Darling basin.

Several tributaries flow into the Bulloo in its upper reaches, the largest being Blackwater Creek. Ranges of low hills prevent the lower reaches of the Bulloo from receiving significant tributaries.

The Bulloo basin is used almost exclusively for the extensive grazing of sheep and cattle. The only towns within the basin are the former opal mining town of Quilpie and, further downstream, Thargomindah. There is only one major protected area, Idalia National Park, in the entire basin, located in the river’s headwaters.

The Bulloo floodplain, with an area of about 9240 kms is classified by BirdLife International as an Important Bird Area. When it floods the site supports several hundred thousand waterbirds, with over 1% of the populations of red-necked avocet, grey teal, Australasian shoveler, Pink-eared duck and freckled duck. It also contains the entire population of a subspecies of the grey grasswren. Keen birdwatchers are encouraged to identify as many bird species as they can, and jot down their findings in the Quilpie Shire Bird Diary at the Information Centre.

Along the Bulloo River Walk, signs, bearing information about the plant species, are located to help you identify the specimens. The Bulloo River is an ideal spot to relax under a shady tree and birdwatch whilst enjoying the natural sounds of the bush.

The Bulloo River is an ideal place to cast a fishing line and catch a Yellowbelly (Golden Perch) or throw in a yabby pot and snare some delicious Yabbies (fresh water Crayfish). You could have yourself one of the freshest feeds the outback has to offer.

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